Reasons why going custom with Straight Cut® for a frame bag will give you the best storage solution -

  • Take full advantage of your frames available space no matter the shape or size

  • Frame bag can be designed around your suspension, battery and water bottles

  • Design to your bag to match your adventures

  • Advantage of keeping the weight centred between your wheels

  • Easy to access

  • Multiple design options available to organise your bags contents

  • Experienced advice and craftsmanship

During the consultation we will outline your chosen specifications - size, features and materials to give you the organisation to fit your adventures.





Your frame bag will come with X-Pac® VX21 or RVX25 fabric of your choice lining the internal edge of your frame bag. Combining the abrasion resistant properties of the chosen edge fabric (Cordura® 1000d) with the waterproof properties of X-Pac®.


As we construct your bag this style choice will allow a water barrier to be created between the side panel fabric and the interior of your bag, offering a superior water repellency. This will also have the advantage of protecting the construction stitching from being exposed on your side panels keeping your frame bag looking clean. This upgrade is best suited to frame bags that have internal dividers.
+ £40



Using hook and loop velcro® each strap will be sewn into your bag’s seams. The straps will be placed evenly across the length of the tube and positioned so not to interfere with any cable ports or Di2 junctions on your frame.


Uses multiple tabs along the edge of the bag with a network of cord to secure the bag to your frame. This method allows the weight of the bag to be spread out across the length of the tube. A cord lock secures the ends to give an adjustable but secure fit. (We recommend this method for your top tube.) 

Compression Cinch Strap

This attachment option is quick to fit. Installed into to seams of the bag with a low profile cam buckle on one side. Wrap the strap around the frame and secure in place.


This attachment option utilizes your frames braze-ons to provide a clean aesthetic. The bag is secured with bolts that fasten down a internal shim along the edge of the bag that are made to size.

+£35 or £50 for full bolt-on

We recommend fitting frame protection to your bike if you like to keep your paintwork looking good. We use 3M™ protective tape that can be cut to size.


Slim Pocket

The slim pocket is located on the non-drive side of your frame bag. This pocket is great for storing small items that are frequently used like a phone or your titanium spork. To create the divider between drive side compartment and the non-drive side pocket a panel of X-Pac® VX21/RVX25 is used. The X-Pac® fabric will match your chosen liner colour.

+ £20

Straight Cut - Custom Frame Bag Internal storage rail  

Internal Storage Rail 

This is a great feature to enhance your organisation options inside the frame bag, especially if you have a smaller front triangle. This storage rail is fitted along the internal edge along the top tube section of the bag. It comes with two elastic cord straps that fit along the multi-slot rail. This is perfect for items such as tent poles and a pump. Quick and easy storage that keeps items out of the way.

+ £15

Internal Vertical Divider

The velcro® divider secures the drive side and non-drive side panels together to prevent bulging and create organisation. The divider can be separated to give you full access to your frame bags space to give you flexible storage capacity. This feature is suited when the frame bag has one large drive side compartment. 

+ £10

Horizontal Divider

The weight-bearing design of this divider is unique to Straight Cut® and has been developed and tested in the real world. There is a semi-detachable divider that creates a horizontal partition. The top compartment is double secured velcro which allows the partition to be weight bearing. Each drive side compartment has a zipper entry. This upgrade is best suited to full frame bags.

+ £35


YKK® Zipper

We only use high quality genuine YKK® zippers that have a water resistant coating on all of our products.

Hydration / Cable Port

A port running the width of the edge allowing for multiple hose and cables to fit.

This feature is perfect for when using a water bladder inside your bag.  

Drainage Hole

A small eyelet is installed at the lowest point of your bag to allow liquids to escape, this also aids drying.


Here are a couple of the most common configurations of our frame bags along with our favourite choices of fabrics to help.

  • Size - Partial
  • Liner Style - Standard
  • Attachment methods -
    • Top tube - Lace-up
    • Down tube - Velcro strap
    • Seat tube - Velcro strap
  • Additional features -
    • Slim Pocket

    • Size - Full
    • Liner Style - Ultimate
    • Attachment Method -
      • Top tube - Lace -up
      • Down tube - Velcro strap
      • Seat tube - Velcro strap
    • Additional features -
      • Horizontal Divider
      • Slim Pocket


      • Side Panels - This is one area you can get creative so, go wild. We like X-Pac® fabric options as they are waterproof and are cleaned easily.
      • Edge (contact points with frame) - Cordura® 1000d is a great choice with the abrasion from dirt and grime your bag is subjected to here. This is standard option available on our custom frame bags.
      • Liner - Both the standard and ultimate style of liner are available with X-Pac® VX21 or RVX25 fabrics. We like the X-Pac® VX21 in a bright colour options to keep everything easier to find items inside.