Voile Straps® - Nano Series

Voile Straps® - Nano Series

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Length - inch

These straps should be a staple item in every bikepacking kit list. 

The all-new nano series, their smallest straps yet! 1/2" wide, this micro version of the time tested tie-down offers the same versatility in an even smaller package.

Inspired by a few clever users’ modifications to the standard Voile straps, the all-new Voile straps nano series is designed with the minimalist in mind. They are available in three sizes, each of which will accommodate a load as narrow as a ballpoint pen. They feature the same weatherproof and UV-resistant material that you know and love. They are textured for extra grip, and are fitted with a nylon buckle. So when you need a tiny strap that will overdeliver, the nano series helps you keep it together.

Load Circumference Min — Max: 

  • 6" : 1" — 4.4" / 2.5cm — 11.1cm
  • 9" : 1" — 7.4" / 2.5cm — 18.7cm
  • 12" : 1" — 10.4" / 2.5cm — 26.3cm
  • 16" : 1.25" — 14.3" / 3.2cm — 36.3cm

Material: UV-Resistant Polyurethane

Buckle: Super Tough Nylon

We include these straps with the Bagel bar bags. They are also great upgrade option for our Stem bags and Top tube bags.

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