Handlebar Harness | Black + Spanish Teal
Handlebar Harness | Black + Spanish Teal

Handlebar Harness | Black + Spanish Teal

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A simple and secure handlebar storage solution.

We have designed this product from the ground up. We wanted a harness that could cope with rough single track loaded riding day after day. A design that would stay off your frames head tube and keep your cables/brake hoses free to move to prevent damage. This design boasts the advantage of once fitted can be left secured to your bike for your entire trip.

The harness is secured to the front of your bike using a webbing strap either side of your stem. These straps feed through a tri-glide buckle and cinched down through a ladder lock. This attachment design provides an adjustable set-up you can tailor to your bike. The dry bag is simple to fit to the harness thanks to a pair of side release came buckles that attach at the front of the harness. These buckles click together holding dry bag in place and then can be pulled tight and clamped in place.

This harness allows you to use any dry bag so you can tailor your storage capacity depending on your trip.

Specifications - 

  • Made from durable water-resistant Cordura® and X-Pac fabric
  • Closed-cell foam centre for additional protection
  • Compatible with all styles of handlebar
  • Ultra-secure attachment design that can handle the roughest of rides
  • Cable/hose protective design
  • Flexible storage capacity
  • Attachment compatibility - Handlebar to fork crown dimensions - 190mm to 250mm
  • Weight – 135g
  • Bar-tacked at all attachment points for strength

Looking for custom fabrics and/or longer straps head over to the custom handlebar harness page for more information.

10 out of 10 - Advntr.cc review

  • Made in Scotland
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Designed to Endure

We have a wide range of styles and colours available. Follow the link below to fina in-depth information and images. Click here

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