Product Care

Care for your Straight Cut® products - Each product has been designed to endure but looking after your gear is vital to keep them functioning in the long run. 


This is easiest when the bag is taken off your bike. Take your time and use your hands. Don’t machine wash as this can lead to possible damage from chemicals and / or heat. Use cold water and if required a soft bristled brush or sponge. Once fully cleaned, open the zippers and let air dry before refitting to bike.


Your zippers are used all the time and therefore it’s important to give them attention. There are a couple of helpful things to keep an eye out for and the solutions.

  • Rough Slider Operation - Do not force the slider even if it doesn't move smoothly, or it may cause the elements to engage incorrectly.
    Apply paraffin or wax on both the front and back surfaces of the elements, then move the slider back and forth to regain smooth operation.
  • Pulled Out Elements - Trying to forcibly close the zipper on a overfilled or badly installed bag will cause element and tape breakage due to the excess load on the elements.
    Reduce the burden by reducing the content of the bag and / or balancing / loosening the fitting straps / cord of the bag and by bringing both sides of the chain close to each other before closing the zipper.

Sponge clean bag
Tooth Brush cleaning zipper

Repair Service 

If your bag is well used and needs a repair. We offer a repair service for our own products. Get in touch via email and let us know more and we can help you out.