Product Care

Care for your Straight Cut products - Each product has been designed to endure but looking after your gear is vital to keep them functioning in the long run. 

Washing - Take your time and use your hands. Don’t machine wash. Use cold water and if required a soft bristled brush or sponge. Once fully cleaned, open the zippers to aid drying.

Zippers - These take a lot of abuse, they are used all the time and it’s important to clean out dirt that can gather between the teeth. When the zip is dirty the teeth find it more difficult to join. Once clean and dry you can apply small amount of paraffin base lubricant along the length of the zipper and the slider. (Squirt chain lube works well.)

Sponge clean bag
Tooth Brush cleaning zipper

Repair Service 

If your bag is well used and needs a repair. We offer a repair service for our own products. Get in touch via email and let us know more and we can help you out.