Wolftooth® Valais
Wolftooth® Valais
Wolftooth® Valais
Wolftooth® Valais
Wolftooth® Valais

Wolftooth® Valais

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The Wolf Tooth Valais enables you to mount a saddle bag on a dropper post. Injection moulded from premium-grade thermoplastic, the Valais protects the stanchion from wear and the wiper seal from damage. It also serves as a temporary crutch during mid-trail dropper failure.

Wolf Tooth explicitly designed the Valais in the knowledge that many riders like to move storage onto the bike for freedom of movement and a lower centre of gravity. Without an extra fixing, saddlebags when fitted on dropper posts often interfere with your ride and the rear wheel – the Valais solves this problem. Mounting to the upper seatpost and offering the perfect cradle for your saddlebag the Valais is easy to install and the DuPont Delrin thermoplastic retains full strength all the way down to -29°C.

If your dropper post breaks mid-ride the Valais can be clamped further down the stanchion to keep the post extended until you get to a repair site.

  • Any dropper post with a 25mm or 26mm stanchion diameter - when in doubt, measure your stanchion.
  • Note that discrete position droppers will likely lose the lowest position because the Valais 25 reduces the dropper travel by 25mm
  • Valais 25.25 (posts that have a confirmed 25mm diameter)
    • Easton Haven
    • Giant Contact (internal routing)
    • RaceFace Turbine
    • RockShox Reverb Stealth
    • Specialized Command Post
    • 9Point8 Fall Line
    • Other 24.75-25.25mm (cable routing dependent)
  • · Valais 25.26 (posts that have a confirmed 26mm diameter)
    • Thomson Covert
    • Fox Transfer
    • Other 26-26.5mm (cable routing dependent)
  • Valais limits the dropper travel by at least 25mm. There are 2 models as noted in the compatibility section, one for the 25mm diameter stanchions and one for the 26mm stanchions.
  • At full compression, the Valais' deep skirt contacts the seal collar first and will not contact the seal lip (protecting delicate seals from damage).


  • Remove the screw and slide Valais over the seatpost stanchion
  • Put the Valais at the highest position, install the screw and tighten to 2-3 NM
  • Install your saddle bag with it as full as it will be on the trail.
  • Let all the air out of your frame shock, drop the post, and compress the bike suspension all the way.
  • Assure there is adequate tyre to saddlebag clearance. If there is not tyre clearance, raise the dropper, and lower the Valais until there is adequate tyre to saddlebag clearance.
  • Re-inflate your shock and be sure that the Valais is torqued to 2-3 NM

Make your bag your own with a selection of the highest quality materials available in the world. All Straight Cut® gear is made from Cordura®, X-Pac® and Dyneema® these fabrics have been selected for their performance in durability and weight which allows us to offer gear with no compromise.



There is no bad choice, each style of fabric has different properties which allows you to choice what works best for you. We have fabric recommendations for custom frame bags available on the specifications page.

X-PAC® VX21 - VX42

Diamond effect dacron fibres and a 0.25mm PET film are sandwiched between a 210, 250 and 420 denier nylon face respective of the specification and a 50 denier polyester backing. A DWR* coating is applied to the face of the fabric helping water to bead off easily.

Black - VX21 comes with a PFC free water repellant finish (DWR). All of the VX21 series caries the cleenTec® seal. It is manufactured in 100% climate neutral production facilities using 100% electrical renewable energy.

X-PAC® RX30 

This specification comes with a 300d 100% recycled polyester woven face. Backed with black X-PLY® polyester yarn and a clear polyester film. 

RX series caries the cleenTec® seal. Features a 100% recycled PET face made from locally sourced recycled PET bottles and is manufactured in 100% climate neutral production facilities using 100% electrical renewable energy.


Diamond effect dacron fibres and a 0.25mm PET film are sandwiched between a  250 denier UV resistant dyed polyester face and a 50 denier polyester backing. A DWR* coating is applied to the face of the fabric helping water to bead off easily.

Comes with a PFC free water repellant finish and is recyclable.

X-PAC® LiteSkin® 07 - LiteSkin® 21 - LiteSkin® 42

These fabrics are constructed with a non-woven polyester face coated with pigmented resin and DWR* coating. This non-woven construction method give the fabric a smooth finish and high abrasion resistance.

LS07 - Is the lightest waterproof, abrasion resistant fabric from Dimension Polyant. Constructed with 70D nylon with a ripstop weave backing. Best suited to ultralight applications.

LS21 - This fabric uses the same 210d nylon as the VX21, but on the backside instead of the face.

LS42 - This specification of LiteSkin® is constructed from a 420d nylon woven backing which is the same as the VX42 and combined with the smooth non-woven polyester face. Resulting is a strong high abrasion resistant fabric.

X-PAC® X50

This fabric uses a 500d Cordura® face fabric with a DWR* coating backed with black X-PLY® polyester yarn and a clear polyester film. This fabric is highly abrasion resistant, tear resistant, high tensile and waterproof.

CORDURA® 500d - 1000d

These fabrics are constructed from high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament fibre in a woven construction face with a water-repellent coated backing. These fabrics are highly abrasion resistant and excellent tear strength.

DYNEEMA® CT9HK.18/blkwov6 - CT9HK.18/wov6

The world’s strongest fibre in a composite hybrid. The Dyneema® fibre is layered on one side with a thin transparent polyester film and on the other face a woven 150 denier polyester. This makes the fabric abrasion resistant, a high tear-resistance and waterproof. Regular folding whitens and softens the fabric which does not affect the technical properties, but give it a unique finish that changes the longer you use it. There is an additional cost for a fabric upgrade to Dyneema®.


Factors to consider when choosing what materials for your bag.

The manufacturing process of your chosen materials will decide the properties, then you can style your bag with colour combinations.

Wet Weight -

  • Laminated fabrics like the Dyneema® and X-Pac® options are sealed this means they do not absorb water keeping weight consistent if they get wet.
  • Cordura® fabrics have an exposed woven nylon face that will allow water to absorb, as the water-repellent/waterproof coatings are on the backside. This means when your bag gets wet especially if you are riding for longer trips your bag will weight more and take longer to dry.

Cleaning -

  • X-Pac® and Dyneema® are sealed and similar to water absorption these fabrics are easier to wash dirt off because of their construction.
  • The woven face to the Cordura® fabrics can be cleaned with water and may require gentle brushing to remove all dirt.

Abrasion -

  • We recommend Cordura® for areas like the edge of a frame bag as these fabrics have high abrasion resistance.
  • The X-Pac® LiteSkin® series offers very high abrasion resistance due to the unwoven and smooth face design.
  • The X-Pac® VX and RVX series fabrics abrasion increases as the corresponding number increases. Example VX42 has a higher abrasion resistance over the VX21.
  • The Dyneema® fabric we stock has the best abrasion resistance available of the Dyneema® hybrid fabrics. The fabric is incredibly strong while being waterproof and light weight.

DWR - Is a durable water repellant coating that is applied to the face of the fabric that helps water to bead off and creates a barrier preventing water from absorbing into the fabric.

Fabric Samples

We understand that it can difficult to choose a fabric from a screen. You can now get small fabric samples send out to you in the post. Allowing you to choose the right fabric before making your decision.

We make every effort to ensure that images displayed on the site are as accurate as possible but cannot guarantee an exact colour match to the product as displayed on your screen.


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