Straight Cut Design - Handmade bikepacking bags.


Our products are designed to be quick and easy to fit to your bike. Below is a copy of the instructions you will find included with your bag on delivery for future reference, incase those original instructions have disappeared. 

Frame Bags


  • Have all zippered compartments closed and place bag inside your frame. 
  • Start by fitting bag to your top tube this will hold the bag in place.
  • Secure the remaining straps to the down tube and seat tube. 
  • Once all straps have been attached you can now adjust the tension on the  straps so the side panels are centred in your frame. Ensure tensions are not too tight that it is pulling on the zippers.


  • Start by ensure all internal plastic shims are in place along each tube with a bolt-on attachment.
  • Attach each bolt on your frame bag but not tight, this will allow for movement to get frame bag in correct position. 
  • Now all bolt-on anchor points are in place install the remaining attachment methods i.e. lace-up. 
  • Once the bag has all attachment points secured close zippered compartments and move bag into correct position. 
  • Now with correct tension on side panels the bolts can be fully tighten.

Lace-up cord and velcro straps can be trimmed down to size now. The lace-up cord should be left with some extra length so you can tailor how tight the cord is and then can be sealed once cut with a lighter to stop fraying. 


Orange line - handlebar/fork crown strap Red line - handlebar harness strap

  • Wrap the orange strap around the fork crown and feed back through tri-glide buckle.
  • Pull over your handlebar the other section of the orange strap and feed the lower orange strap through the ladder lock buckle. 2. repeat steps 1 to 2 with the other orange strap.
  • Pull both orange straps tight together.
  • The red strap can now be fed under the stem and over the handlebars.
  • Place your dry bag in the harness.
  • Attach the red strap buckles to the harness.
  • Release cam levers on red strap buckles and pull tight strap tight together, then lock cam lever.

Tips -

  • Before fitting the harness to your bike, rotate your handlebars to see how your brake hand gear cables move. This will help you figure out how to feed the harness straps in relation to your cables.
  • Having your orange straps tight at the fork crown using the tri-glide buckle provides the most secure fitting.

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